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The Legend of Mir II Chronicles is a private Massive Multi-User Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) based in an ancient oriental civilization where you can play as one of three classes (Warrior, Wizard and Taoist) to harness new skills, gain experience, strength and respect of fellow players by hunting and destroying an evil presence that shadows the provinces of Mir.

EXP: Custom (Low-Medium)
Gold: Custom (Medium)
Drops: Revised and Custom
Item Stats: (Low)
 - 1024*768 Resolution
 - 16bit-colours
 - Mir3 Maps/Monsters
 - New Skills (Inc Rage, ProtectionField, MagicAmplifer and many more)
 - Beginner Guild (Additional EXP)
 - Guild Expansion Quests
 - Hero Pet System
 - Dual Skills
 - Combo Skills
 - Windowed Mode
 - Player Stalls/Market
 - Riding System
More information to come.


01/04/2012 - Work on website has commenced.
25/03/2012 - Mir3 Monsters with Mir2 style Shadows coded and added to game (AI's are still required).
20/03/2012 - Notification System added.
18/03/2012 - Custom Magic System added for buff's and shields.
12/03/2012 - Work commences on Heroes Source Code.
01/03/2012 - Monster Stats, Mongen, Item DB and Magic DB are all complete.


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